Delf Elevators

Our Recent Finished Projects

S.S With Wood Finished LIft

Passenger Type Automatic Lift Comprised Of Stainless Steel And Wood Finish Makes it Look Fine and Elegant

Automatic Glass Door

Automatic Elevator With Finely Finished Glass Door.

Manual Slide Door

Manual Operation Slide Door Model 1

Manual Operation Slide Door

Manual Operation Slide Door Model 2

Manual Swing Door

Manually Operating Swing Door

S.S Power Automatic Door

Stainless Steel Automatic Elevator

Manual IFG Door

Manual IFG Door

Lifts We Are Dealing With

Passenger Lifts

Our Passenger Lifts Are Unique , Compact and Highly Economical . We are dealing with an wide variety of Models According to the Customer Needs

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Hospital Lifts

It Comprises of Most Technologically advanced products making the Elevators run smoothly .

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Cargo LIfts

Designed to Carry heavy loads over a Long period of Time

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Dumbwaiter Lift

dumbwaiter is a small lift . The designs varies according to the structures, including both commercial, public and private buildings, are often connected between multiple floors

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Car Parking Lifts

They are Intended to carry heavy loads with high Durability

Delf Elevators

Our Company Is One Of The Leading Developing Elevators Company In India Our Designs Are Unique , Smooth , Precise and Highly Economical Making the Customers fully Satisfied . The Main Motto of Our Company is to Deliver The Most Advanced Elevators in Affordable Price .




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